Resin wheels for steel ball

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Product Name Outer Diameter Thickness Bore Diameter Material Grit Size
Resin Grinding Wheel For Steel Ball 400-1000 30-140 180-450 WA,WA/GC 500#-10000#
Model Product 660X50X370,WA6000 800X60X440,WA 2000 800X60X360,WA 2000,6000
720X60X440,WA800,2000 800X100X440,WA 500 900X60X420 WA 1000

Product Features

It is used for the beginning of the steel ball’s grinding and lapping process, steel ball will be with high precision, good surface , and low vibration value, It is with good mute effect after the bearing’s matching , high grinding efficiency, high processing efficiency, high durability. And it is low for comprehensive cost, At the same time, the special resin grinding wheel ‘s grinding fluid is good for environmental protection, the steel ball’s surface is easy to clean after processing .It is an inevitable trend in the development of  steel industry.

Application Scope

It is applicable for all kinds of bearing steel ball,  carbon  steel ball,  stainless steel ball’s grinding, according to the different needs of customers, We could develop and design the grinding wheels with different specifications, different grit size ,and different hardness.