Diamond abrasive paste

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Product Features:Diamond abrasive paste is a kind of soft abrasive tools, which made by diamond powder and past bond, and it also can be called loose abrasive tool. Mainly used for grinding hard and brittle materials to have surface smooth finish. There have two types, water-soluble and oil-soluble. Both of them have good lubrication and cooling. Diamond powder has high strength and uniform grinding effects.

Applications:Tungsten steel mould, optical mould and injection mould. Grinding and polishing in metallographic analysis experiment. Grinding and polishing of dental material (denture). Jewelry and jade handicraft, optical lens, hard glass and crystal, ultrahard ceramics and alloy, etc.

StandardsW0.5  W1  W1.5  W2.5  W3.5  W5  W7  W10  W14  W20  W28  W40

Contents:According to customers’requires.