What are the main functions of diamond sand

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What are the main functions of diamond sand?
Diamond sand is a dark granular abrasive that has been around for a long time and is now widely used in various industries. Today, the Starlight abrasive manufacturer will briefly introduce to you the main functions of diamond sand?

The denim we usually wear has an important process of timely washing in the production, and this washing cannot do without diamond sand. The main use for washing denim is sand blasting, which is an important part of diamond sand. Due to its high stacking density, good toughness, and significant specific gravity, it is an ideal sandblasting material in China. Another characteristic of diamond sand is its high hardness. Therefore, diamond sand is often used to make various grinding tools, and the effect is very good. Diamond sand also plays an important role as a filtering material. You should know that our country is currently in a developing country, and economic development can be said to be achieved at the cost of sacrificing the environment. In order to purify sewage and the odor of household waste, a large amount of diamond sand is needed, because the granular diamond sand can become a filtering medium and serve as a filter bed. Which polluted water sources will be filtered by diamond sand and turned into clean water sources that can be reused, Saved a lot of resources for our economic development